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Capreolus Fine Foods reap the rewards of UV-C disinfection

Capreolus Fine Foods is an award winning, family owned artisan smokehouse, specialising in the production of cured, air dried and smoked meats and other premium charcuterie products.

Quality and provenance are of the utmost importance.

Their Maturing Room is held at 10˚C and 80% Relative Humidity. Whilst this is quite a high level of humidity it is perfect for slow, even drying, however, it is also an excellent environment for the growth of micro-organisms!

The air-drying/maturing process can take from a few weeks to several months (6 months or more is not unusual – Spanish hams can be matured for several years!). Over this extended period the exposure to airborne pathogens makes it almost inevitable that micro-organisms may contaminate the meat leading to spoilage and significant (and unacceptable) losses.

When Capreolus installed a new Maturing Room they were keen to avoid problems with product contamination during the drying and maturation of their products. These issues can have a significant negative impact on product quality, wastage and most importantly the 'bottom line'. They therefore chose to install UV Technology Global's UV-C Air disinfection system in order to disinfect the air on a continuous basis.

Following deployment of the system, David Richards (one of the partners at Capreolus Fine Foods) was delighted by the improvement to the process and the product quality and reported a significant reduction in waste and corresponding increase in profit margin.

David says; "As a charcuterie producer in the UK, where atmospheric conditions are not the most favourable, I regarded the issues of contamination during drying and maturating as a problem that I would just have to endure".

"The reduction in waste and increased quality brought about by UV Technology's UV-C disinfection system represents a real benefit for my business and the Food industry in general. The benefits in installing the system were visible within the first few weeks when it became clear that we were simply not seeing the mould growth that we had become used to".

David continues; "Quite simply, without the UV Technology UV-C Air disinfection system we had a process that was, at best, difficult to control and it certainly was not a process that made my Environmental Health Officer happy or comfortable. I would strongly advise other companies with similar airborne microbiological contamination issues to follow suit. I calculated that we achieved a return on our investment within 3 months!!".

UV Technology's Air, Surface and Product disinfection systems work using UV-C, a natural component of sunlight with recognised anti-bacterial properties, resulting in disinfection rates as high as 99.99%.

Steve O'Brien, Director of Sales & Marketing at UV Technology, comments:
"UV Technology's range of Air, Surface and Liquid disinfection systems continue to deliver competitive advantage to its users. Our solutions deliver real benefits to the Food sector including improved shelf life and product quality and provide a completely safe and environmentally friendly solution for hygiene sensitive food businesses."

"We offer a complete service from the initial consultation and appraisal, through system installation and on-going maintenance programs. The systems are extremely cost effective and are easily accessible to all Food processors small or large".

For further information please contact Steve O'Brien on 0161 408 0060 or e mail him at

Alternatively, if you wish to discuss the success of this solution with David Richards, call him on 07887 657676
or mail him at

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