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Air Disinfection

Aircoat ...Protective ventilation for conveyor belts in the bakery industry

AirCom 02 ...Mobile unit for use in Hospitals, Laboratories, Care Homes, Hospitality

AirStream ...For installation into exiting or planned HVAC systems

AirStream C ...Disinfection of air in large rooms – up to 50,000m³ per hour

Airstream V ...Disinfection of discharge air from Evaporator Coolers

AirTube C ...Ideal for small / medium sized rooms, cold stores, food processing areas

Air Wetech ...Ideal for small / medium sized rooms, cold stores, food processing areas where high levels of moisture / water are present (IP54 rated)

GRU-V ...Ideal for small rooms / cold stores /ripening rooms

Surface Disinfection

IP 65 UV-C Compact Lamp ...UVT’s IP 65 UV-C compact lamp provides a particularly high degree of protection against dust and water.

SafeBlade Storage & Decontamination System ...SafeBlade is designed for the transport, storage and decontamination of bread slicer blades.

UV-C Moisture Proof Fixture ...The UV-C moisture proof fixture has been specially developed for use in particularly damp and dusty environments.

UVT Surface Disinfection Cassette ...The UVT Surface Disinfection Cassette has been specially developed for the food industry.


Trial Data / Research

Air disinfection efficacy data

Berry fruit log kill data

Chicken log kill data

Effect of UV-C belt decontamination

Fruit log kill data

Packaging mediums / Food contact surfaces

Vegetables & flowers log kill data

Water testing equipment efficacy data


Useful Information

Artificial optical radiation directive guide

EU directive 2006-25-EC

Hygenic design criteria

IP Ratings (Ingress Protection)

UV-C dosage requirements for common micro-organisms

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